By : Abdul Jabbar

Sir Shah Muhammad Sulaiman, Kt. I am thankful to you sending me an advance copy of your book, A call to unity and action, being a fine collection of verses from the Quran. This is an excellent selection which will very conveniently place before the public some of the inspiring verses of the great Sacred Book. I am confident that your selection will receive due appreciation.(14th Oct. 1938).

Dewan Bahadur Munshir Har Bilas Sarda, Ajmer. Syed Abdul Jabbar’s Call to Unity and Action is an excellent book. It Shows what Islam really is. The book consists of original text from the Qur’an and these verses give a true idea of the teachings of Islam. The Islam presented in the book is quite different from the distorted picture of the great religion which the generality of non-Muslims have in their votaries to live in peace and amity with the rest of mankind and invite the attention of all towards it by its followers leading lives of purity, peity, helpfulness and love. Syed Abdul Jabbar had done a service to Islam by quoting the original verses of the Qur’an showing its inherent good qualities and its high morality. (20th Oct. 1938).

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