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Writing Winning Business Proposals: Your Guide to Landing the Client, Making the Sale and Persuading the Boss


This title offers the faster, easier way to write persuasive, successful proposals every time. A great proposal will clinch the deal; a poor one will kill it – which would you rather write? “Writing Winning Business Proposals, Second Edition”, gives you the skills, tactics, and strategies you need to write outstanding proposals that will win new clients, make big sales, or convince your boss that your idea will revolutionize the company. You’ll get a client’s-eye view of what makes a great proposal and master the steps of a battle-tested and proven proposal development process. This fully updated new edition features dozens of new examples and scenarios. You’ll also find insightful new chapters on determining your fees and collaborating to improve your chances of winning as well as tips for creating a persuasive ‘voice’ in your proposal.” Writing Winning Business Proposals, Second Edition” provides all the tools and expertise you need to: understand the baseline logic to determine your buyer’s desired results; construct a logical methodology for achieving those results; reconcile different perspectives across multiple buyers; crystallize and develop key messages and themes; and weave messages and themes throughout your proposal.

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Writing Winning Business Proposals

The difference between a winning proposal and one that comes in second is only two to five points on a 100-point scale. Designed to narrow that gap, this book supplies all the tools needed to generate consistently successful proposals that elicit new clients and contracts and win over peers and senior management on a new project. The secret is in the authors’ systematic, easy-to-understand method currently used to train hundreds of consultants at A.T. Kearney and KPMG Peat Marwick. It shows how to crystallize and develop key proposal messages and themes. And it uses an extensive selection of worksheets to help organize and sequence the key psychological decisions necessary to move the buyer-of the proposed service, product, or idea-from the current situation to the desired outcome.

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