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Letter To My Adulterous Husband


A broken-hearted wife is shocked at discovery of her husband’s adulterous secret life. She confronts him and his consorts in a series of heart-felt letters.

This book speaks to anyone who is living with an adulterous spouse or anyone gripped by the sin of adultery.

Adultery is destroying the fabric of our society. It is destroying marriages, tainting children, breeding moral corruption and diseases. We are living in a highly sexualized world that has completely desensitized many of us to “wala taqrabuz zina” (“and do not come near adultery”)

Across all monotheistic Religions, Adultery is forbidden, yet we have turned our backs to our Holy Scriptures. Our Moral bankrpt society is a direct consequence.

Drawing from the Quran and Sunnah, Guidance for those who commit Adultery and healing for those who are victims of an adulterous spouse in the purpose of this humble book.

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ISBN: 9189789573790

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