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Companions Around The Prophet Hardcover – Abdul Malik Mujahid



When I began writing the books in the Golden Titles series, I felt that the contemporary Muslim desperately needs serenity of the heart, and the only way one can achieve this is through emulation of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.
Following their footsteps will open the gates of success, prosperity, and reverence, as it did to those companions who came from a modest social background.
My objective in writing books on the Prophet’s companions, his revered wives, the compilers of hadiths, and the great martyrs is to offer insight into their way of living to enlighten readers’ hearts and allow them to embrace reform. These companions were blessed by their association with the Prophet, and they occupy the highest ranks amongst human beings, after the Prophets, as a result of their righteousness.
This book is targeted for the younger generation, who are studying in schools, colleges, and universities. I earnestly desire that readers benefit from this book by idealizing these heroes of Islam.

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