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Harut and Marut: The fallen angels by Mohammad Yasin Owadally


By Mohammad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 9830650456
Author: Mohamad Yasin Owadally
Publisher: A S Noordeen (Malaysia)
Pages: 35 Binding: Paperback


By Mohammad Yasin Owadally

Harut and Marut were two angels sent by Allah to the earth, when angels derided mankind Criticizing the people on earth and the corruption of their rule. Allah said to them “If you were in their Place you would be doing the same thing.” It is also reported in another tradition that Allah said to them ;”I have given them ten carnal desires And it is through these they disobey me.”

Allah challenged the angels to do better if they are placed in the same condition. They accepted it and said. “O Lord ,if you give these carnal desires we would descend and judge with justice.” Harut and Marut were chosen and were sent to the city of Babylon. Harut as scholar and Marut as a judge.(QUR’AN 2:102) Did the fulfill their promise? Did Harut and Marut retain their angelic nature, when given the ten carnal desires and sent to earth.