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Islam in Focus


By Hannudah Abdal’Ati

One of the best known and widely distributed general information books about Islam. The author directs his message to both Muslims and non-Muslims in a style that appeals positively to many Westerners. Islam in Focus was written toward the end of the author’s life and reflects a strong ethical approach to Islam. As a graduate of Al Azhar University in Cairo he also studied and lived in North America. This combination enabled him to become a well respected lecturer and scholar and serves him well in this book.

He talks about the knowledge of God and belief in Him constitute the very foundation of Islam. The subject is so vital it calls for a thorough and clear discussion. For the purpose of clarity some simple demonstrations will be used. These may well appear boring or too simple for those who already know something about the subject. Such informed persons are invited to have patience and show appreciation of the importance of the matter. There are individuals who like to doubt the concept of God in the name of science, or because of a lack of experience and understanding. The attitude of such people reflects an uneasy mentality, although they claim to be learned intellectuals. My concern will not be with their claims; rather it will be with their true position. This book is easy read and very straight forward and it’s highly recommended.

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