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Shi’ism Exposed by Dr. Saalih ibn Ghanim Al-Sadlaan


Author –  Dr. Abdur Rahman Ad Dimashqiyah, Abdullah Ibn Muhammad As Salafi

Publisher – Dakwah Corner Publications

Page(s) – 334

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This book is mostly dedicated to every Shia who is willing to listen to constructive criticism with an open heart and an enlightened mind. This research is, in fact, a survey of the literature about the rise and spread of Shiism and its fundamental principles. Much of what follows is taken directly from Shia sources. The history, ideological background, and threats posed by Shi’ism against the true Islam of our noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)are clearly outlined, and the Muslim finds, in them, a warning against falling prey to the calls of the Shi’ites. Also it is a guidance for Shi’ittes to discover reality of Shi’ism to come back to the original faith of Islamic Monotheism.

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