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HeartBreaker by Nick louth


Chris Wyrecliffe has it all. A nationally recognised BBC Radio Four journalist, a former war correspondent, and a tireless worker for charity. But his heart lies elsewhere. Back in the Middle East. As the Arab Spring wells up, unfinished business from twenty years ago seeps back into his life.
Two women have a hold on him. One, a wealthy Saudi beauty, he has loved since the moment he first saw her two decades ago in a Beirut newsroom. The other, a feisty young Palestinian refugee, loves him. But beyond them, in the dark underworld of Al Qaeda hides a man who has this veteran journalist in his sights: the Heartbreaker.
When revolt begins across the Arab world in 2011, Wyrecliffe joins a new exciting satellite TV news outlet. Back on the front line at last, he stumbles across the biggest story of his life. But little does he know that he is on the path to disaster, the instrument of a terror plot of astonishing ingenuity and daring.

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Kindle Edition, 438 pages
Published June 9th 2014 by Ludensian Books (first published January 1st 2014)
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