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UZ Short Story Collection



  1. The Arranged Marriage (2014)

Mohsina, daughter of Muslim immigrants to America, is a college student who is very vocal in her arguments against her professor’s anti-Islam rhetoric about Muslim women being forced into unwanted marriages…until her parents try to force her into an unwanted marriage.

  1. Pretending To Obey Allah (2010)

Hakimah tries to convince a defiant student that struggling with wearing hijab is not hypocrisy.

  1. The Muslim Girl (2013)

Inaya faces an identity crisis after her family moves back to America and she must wear hijab in public school. (Based on the novel Muslim Girl)

  1. The Bad Muslim (2013)

Tired of being judged harshly because she’s an American convert to Islam, Joanne argues with her friend, Basma, about their different views on raising their daughters. (Derived from the novel The Friendship Promise)

  1. Black Women Don’t Need To Cover? (2013)

Faith and Grace, American expats living in Saudi Arabia, discuss culture shock at the way Arabs view black women.

  1. The Day Jessica Left Islam (2012)

Jessica, an American convert to Islam, attends a dinner party, and the hostess’s underhanded scheme and troublesome comments spur Jessica’s decision to give up being Muslim.

  1. From the Diary of an Extremist (2009)

An American college student converts to Islam and makes the decision to wear all black and cover her face. But she faces opposition from where she least expects—from fellow Muslims themselves.

  1. The Invitation (2014)

Faith and Paula are childhood friends who accept Islam just as Faith’s relationship with her boyfriend, John, becomes serious…and just as Paula comes out as gay. With their newfound Muslim identity, must Faith sacrifice John, and Paula her sexuality?

  1. I Feel Cheated: Nina’s Life After Islam (2013)

Nina faces spiritual crisis after converting to Islam and getting married.

  1. Can’t Believe They Did That (2013)

Upon her friend’s urging and against her sister’s protests, Barakah accepts a Muslim school’s offer to publish her educational software.

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Author: Umm Zakiyyah
Publisher: Al Walaa Publications

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