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Maths is Everywhere Collection – 6 Books (Collection)


  • ISBN: 9781445161556
  • Publisher: Hachette Childrens Books
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 25.2cm x 19.2cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 6


These interactive and exciting guides show children how maths applies to so many aspects of their day-to-day lives. Complete with an engaging design, they demystify this tricky topic and include activities and problems to solve and cover topics including fractions, decimals, shapes, units, measurements, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, probability, numbers and digits.

This collection includes:
Fraction Frenzy
This book explores the maths of fractions and covers everything from how they’re used to the size of the smallest ever one.
Get in Shape
Explains answers about the shapes that surround us including the meaning of pi. It also reveals the most perfect sphere known in nature.
Get the Measure
Explains how a computer tells the time, the speed limit of the universe and the different measures used for lengths, areas, volumes and speeds – and how you can calculate them.
Super Sums How to add, subtract, divide and multiply all sorts of numbers.
What are the Chances?
Explores the maths of probability and statistics and explains how they are used in everyday society.
Your Number’s Up
Gives the reasons why numbers are so important and covers from prime and base numbers to the really big ones including millions, billions and infinity (and beyond!).
Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (6)

  • Fraction Frenzy
  • Get in Shape
  • Get the Measure
  • Super Sums
  • What are the Chances?
  • Your Number’s Up