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My Beautiful Religion 2 By Erkam


This is a beautiful, rich and comprehensive reader-friendly primer for young adults on ritual purity and prayer according to the Maliki School.

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My Beautiful Religion 2 By Faruk Salman and Nazif YIılmaz [Erkam]

The biggest fortune that we have in this world is faith. Our biggest goal is to live with faith and go back to our Lord with faith. The love of God, the greatest of all loves, and believing Him is the essence of our religion.

Faith also begins in the heart and reflects upon our behaviors. The love of God in our hearts leads us to become nice humans and obey God s commands and prohibitions.

In turn, our good deeds and worshipping enhance the love and faith in us. The faith march that has started with our Prophet (p.b.u.h.) has been continuing for generations.

Each generation did their best to practice and pass on this religion to the next generation. Thus, Islamic knowledge has passed from hand to hand, from mouth to mouth, and from the heart to heart and reached us.

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