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Barry Loser 6 books collection by Jim


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I am so over being a Loser
Barrys mum has become a bit of celebrity, and now he cant go anywhere without seeing a poster of her eating a chocolate digestive or wiggling her bum in a pair of jeans. Its so annoy-embarrassing, and everyone at school is making fun of him.
I am sort of a Loser
I am still not a Loser won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2013! Everyone at school knows I m the loserkeelest person ever. So imagine how annoying it was when Fay Snoggles came into school one day acting even more loserkeel than me. Theres a girl in Barrys class whos GETTING MORE LAUGHS THAN HIM! But luckily Barry immediately thinks up one of his brilliant and amazekeel plans to make sure hell have the final chuckle . All he needs is thirty boxes of Beard Flakes . . .
I am still not a Loser
You know when someone’s horrible to you in a dream and you wake up really annoyed with them? That’s what happened to me with my best friend Bunky. Barry has a new problem: Gordon Smugly – who’s got the most perfect name for himself ever in the history of having a name, because he looks like a Gordon and is smug and ugly – has stolen Barry’s best friend. Join Barry as he attempts to get Bunky back, organises a girly-screamvoice test and tries to avoid seeing his teacher kissing his gran.
I am not a Loser
I’ve never minded that my name’s Barry Loser because my coolness has always cancelled it out, but ever since Darren Darrenofski joined school with his horrible little crocodile face he’s been completely ruining my life about it.’ Have you got all of Jim Smiths amazekeel books
Barry Loser and the holiday of doom
My best friend Bunky is sort of like my pet dog, so it was weird when he suddenly started fancying a cat one day. Barry cant wait to tell his friends that they ve been invited on his family caravan holiday to Plonkton. But the weekend by the sea doesnt turn out to be the keelfest Barry was hoping for. Its all his best mate Bunkys fault for going and falling in love. OH. MY. UNKEELNESS
Barry Loser and the Case of the Crumpled Carton
My mum and dad are so busy looking after my brand new baby brother, Desmond Loser the Second, that sometimes I wonder if they even know I exist. Theres a new Loser in town, and Barrys not happy about it. The only thing thats keeping him going is a superkeel new drink from Feekos Supermarket. But then disaster strikes, and Barry has to turn detective to solve the mystery of the century: the case of the crumpled carton

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