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Gabi’s Fabulous Functions – 4 Books Collection Set


Use coding concepts to explore your world!

what a mess! It’s time to tidy Adi’s room. If only computer could do it for her. That gives Adi and Gabi an idea. Think like a coder!

These clever friends make tidying up easy by using values and variables to sort the mess and save the day!


Computer coding in the kitchen? Yes! Best friends Gabi and Adi are baking a special birthday treat-and making a recipe is a lot like creating a function in a computer code. These scientifically minded junior programmers are always on the lookout for ways to work coding concepts into their day with Code Play!
Book Information:
Ages: 5-7
Read time: 5-20 mins
Pages: 24
ISBN: 9781515827559
Publisher: Picture Window Book A Capstone Imprint