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The Invisible Empire: Remote Control, Geopolitics and The Revelation of The Phantom Menace


  • Paperback: 76 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 19, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1497400813
  • ISBN-13: 978-1497400818
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The Invisible Empire: Remote Control, Geopolitics and The Revelation of The Phantom Menace is a “Macabre Classic” that is all about gaining real insight into why religion is under attack in every corner of the world, precisely who is in fact behind these attacks and why they are deemed necessary and how these attacks are directly related to the great experiment that in fact lies behind one world government, the military-industrial complex and the culture of perpetual fear, warfare, invasion, cultural devaluation and ceaselessly escalating debt that some of America’s most loyal, dedicated and informed leaders from Abraham Lincoln to William McKinley to Dwight D. Eisenhower to John F. Kennedy have warned us about for nearly two centuries and several have given their lives trying to combat.

I travel all over the world and when I tell people that I am American I am immediately inundated with questions about why America is so obsessed with fear, instability, war and attempting to run other nation’s business solely in America’s own national interests and after a decade of being inundated with the same questions I decided to write a book that directly, and in fact correctly, addresses the issues that many people outside of America find so distressing. The Invisible Empire is a work that is an in-depth analysis of why people think that President Obama is either the Antichrist or an Inconceivably Stellar Pimp, why all major industrialized nations are fact satellites as opposed to truly sovereign nations, why America is mortally obsessed with spreading freedom and democracy, why America feels that it cannot pull out of the war on terrorism, why Americans cannot get rid of guns, why America is completely obsessed with pitting itself against militant cultures from The American Indians to The Empire of Japan to The Vietnamese to The Bosnians to The Afghans, the precise identity of the Kalki Avatar, the religious motivations that in fact lie behind America’s culture of relentless militarism, religion’s core objective and religion in its purest form, the real reason that Lucifer and his angels were cast down from heaven, how the Bible is a superweapon, why America views The Islamic World as a threat, Christian Jihad and why the crusades still rage on today, the cordoning of the nuclear weapon, the cyclical reoccurrence of Armageddon, why America is called God’s country and why America feels that it has the God given right to run other nation’s business solely in its own interests.

The Invisible Empire also thoroughly explains how the global cycle of relentless violence in fact starts during the process of inception, the great mysteries of why there is Hindi on The Infamous Georgia Guide Stones, the race to arm, finance, nationalize and commercially exploit the African continent, why black men don’t fear terrorism, how and why numbers are the world’s oldest, slowest and most effective poison, why humanity simply does not add up, why the dramatic increase in the crime rate has evenly paralleled the dramatic increase in the rate of literacy, why gangsterdom and religion have simultaneously been abandoned, the total disintegration of the American family and American Family Values, why American men are obsessed with marrying foreign women, the exodus from white women, the lesbianism, self-isolation and suicidal depression of black women, and the effects of a century of legal profiteering.

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