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The Prayer and Purification


It is obligatory for all Muslims to pray five times a day regularly. There are detailed instructions for the manners and methods of prayer in the Holy Quran. Moreover, the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet also provides us with complete enlightenment on performing prayer and its prerequisites. This is a fine guideline for matters related to Salat and ablution. It explains the rites and rituals related to Salat in a step by step manner so that the new Muslims might also benefit from it easily. The language is easy to comprehend and the explanation is highly beneficial for all Muslims.

In this treatise the correct procedures of prayer (Salaah) are clarified for the new Muslim. The main objective of this work is to explain the steps of purification and prayer in a simplified manner in order to benefit the person who has recently accepted Islam. This information may also be beneficial for any Muslim

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The Prayer and Purification