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Rainbow Qur’an Big


Product Description

Mushaf with colorful pages, soft cover made of artificial leather.

We try to provide a high quality printing and design to every Muslim was a pleasure to hold and read the words of the Most High!

Each of our Mushaf goes through several stages of checking that you get the best quality and study the Quran with pleasure.

Medina font used to print Mushaf is the most common in the world today that makes the Mushaf comfortable for large number of Muslims.
The Mushaf large size (17×24 cm) is not only good for young Muslims with good eyesight, but also for the older generation of our respected and beloved parents, grandparents and anyone with poor eyesight.

May Allah facilitate the study of the Quran for every muslim!

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Embossed Leather Cover
Size 20x14x3 cm (8×5,5×1 inch)
Arabic – Uthmani Calligraphy
Hafs Edition
Arabic Diacritics / Tashkeel