Happy Independence day

Today a giant turns 61 and we celebrate Nigeria, So here’s to peace and prosperity. Happy independence day to you and May God bless you and Nigeria. 

As always, we have selected some good reads to keep you entertained this holiday.


Books to keep you entertained this holiday

For The Good Of The Nation: Essays and Perspectives – by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

This collection of essays and interviews is more than just a book; it is (a) ‘tour de force’ covering many topics and subjects. Essay sentences and paragraphs contain an idea and message to make our country where fairness and justice reign. Whether discussing western or Islamic philosophy, History, and Anthropology of the various peoples in Nigeria, or the divisive injection of ethnicity and religion into our politics, Lamido is brutally frank, thoughtful, and logical. – Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, Governor, Kaduna State, Nigeria

A Great Nation Is Possible: My Nigerian Dream by Osondu Chilagor

One could say the fall to this despicable level was fairly predictable many years before now, particularly if we consider the voracious and systematic culture of corruption that the Nigerian state adopted. The mono-economy that we lazily but gleefully practiced has cast us in the role of a failing state without a blueprint for her own survival, let alone a coherent economic policy. Could it be that no one saw this danger? No one made a patriotic call to warn of the impact to the generation now and the generations to come? Do we even have statesmen?

How to Be a Nigerian by Peter Enhaoro

This famous little book How to Be a Nigerian by Peter Enhaoro is one of the funniest to come out of Africa. First published in 1996, it continues to be in demand. The Nigerian author turns a humorous and ironic eye on his fellow compatriots.

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